Getting Started


1) What is eWards and why should I download it?

eWards is a one of a kind loyalty management application. All of us love it when our favourite outlets reward us for our loyalty towards them. eWards is a platform whereby you can enjoy rewards and benefits from all your favourite outlets at one place without the need to carry any physical cards. All you need is your smartphone and you’re good to go! Still thinking? Stop thinking and download eWards to start earning your rewards!                        

2) How do I become a registered user of eWards?

Follow a few simple steps mentioned below:

  • Download the app from the Play store (Android) or the App Store (iPhone).
  • Login using your Facebook or gmail account or fill in your basic details and register
  • Provide your cell phone number.
  • Enter the OTP you receive on your cell phone.

That's it! You're good to go!

3) What do I do after I register with eWards?

eWards is one of the simplest App out there in the market to help you earn rewards. Once you’ve registered on our platform, all you need to do is enrol into the loyalty program of your favourite outlets by activating the loyalty card of that Outlet. That’s it! Now simply eat, shop or visit your favourite Outlet and earn Points/Stamps on every visit!


Loyalty Program


4) How do I activate the Loyalty Card of an Outlet?

There are 2 ways to do this. You can simply click on the activate button on the face of the card and wait for approval from the Outlet. The other way is to simply visit the outlet and claim your points/stamps for the first time. This would automatically activate your card.

5) What is a welcome token?

You will get an instant reward the moment you enrol into the loyalty program of an outlet. This is called a welcome token. You don’t need any points/stamps to earn this reward. All you need to do is download the app and start enrolling into the loyalty program of your favourite outlets. That’s the ewards way!

6) How do I access my loyalty cards?

The ‘cards’ tab on your home screen contains your entire list of loyalty cards you’ve subscribed to. You may simply click on the card and see complete details of the loyalty program of your favourite outlet.

7) How do I earn my Points/Stamps?

All you need to do is visit your favourite Outlet. Shop, eat, drink or enjoy your favourite service and at the time of billing, simply provide your phone number to the cashier/waiter to earn your points/stamps.

An alternative way of earning stamps is scanning a QR code provided to you by the outlet at the time of billing. You can scan the QR code using the scan button on the App itself.

The outlet will let you know which process they follow to reward their customers. So you can simply sit back and relax!

8) What happens in case I forget my smartphone? Do I lose my stamps/points?

You don’t need to worry in case you forget your smartphone. All you need to do is provide the outlet with your registered phone number. This will enable the outlet to reward you with your points/stamps which will get credited to your account irrespective of whether you have your smartphone with you or not.

9) What do I do in case I don’t get my Points/Stamps?

You may first clarify the same with the Outlet for any technical or other issues. If the problem persists, you may write to us at and we shall resolve your issue in the next 48 hours.

10) What if I already get a discount on the bill, will I still get my points/stamps?

Yes. Your points/stamps will be awarded to you based on your final bill amount. It doesn’t matter if you have already claimed any discount on the bill or not.

11) How do I redeem my Points/Stamps to claim my rewards?

On your loyalty card itself you would see the rewards being offered by the Outlet in exchange for points/stamps. You may tap on the same and a pop up confirming whether you want to claim that reward or not would appear. Once you confirm, the reward gets redeemed and is added to your list of rewards.

12) Why are there multiple cards for some outlets?

Some outlets offer different structure of loyalty programs to different customers. That is why you would see some of your favourite outlets offering multiple types of loyalty cards. The type of card you get will be decided by the specific outlet. It could be based on the number of points/stamps earned or any other criteria as decided by the outlet.




13) How do I redeem my rewards?

You simply need to tap on the redeem button on the face of your reward. This will generate a unique code which you need to share with the outlet to claim your reward. It’s that simple!

14) Do the points/stamps/rewards have an expiry date?

This will differ from outlet to outlet and the kind of points/stamps/rewards they offer. You can check this on the ‘card details’ and ‘reward details’ screen on your app and go through the terms and conditions related to the particular loyalty program in order to know all the conditions attached to it.

15) Can I share my rewards with anyone?

Yes you can gift rewards to your eWards friends. All you need to do is click on the ‘gift’ icon on the reward details screen and enter the mobile number (registered with eWards) of the person you want to gift the reward to.




16) What are Offers?

Offers are coupons or vouchers published by outlets on the eWards platform as a part of their promotional activities. Offers which are free can simply be claimed by clicking on the claim button while offers which have a price (either in terms of eWards points or INR) need to be bought. This can be done by tapping on the ‘Buy’ button on the offer details screen.

17) What are eWards points? How are they different from the points/stamps or rewards earned at an outlet?

eWards points are those points which an eWards user can earn by doing various activities on the App like checking in on facebook or sharing the App with friends, etc. These eWards points can be used to claim coupons and vouchers from the list of offers on your App while points/stamps earned at an outlet relate to the gratification provided to you by your specific favourite outlet and using these points/stamps you can claim the rewards which the outlet offers.

18) Can I share my eWards Points?

Yes. There is a ‘share’ option on the left side menu on the App. You may simply enter the mobile number of the user you want to transfer your points to and click on share. It is as simple as that!

19) What does the gamification icon do?

At eWards we offer you a medium to show off your eWards points by sharing and competing with friends. All your friends from your contact list and facebook (if you connect your facebook account with eWards) who are using eWards will reflect here. So go ahead flaunt your points, earn your badges and stay ahead of the competition!

20) How do I check my account details?

On the left side menu of the App you have a ‘My Account’ option which will enable you to view your complete account details. You can also edit/update your account details from this screen.

21) What if I forget my username and password?

You can simply click on the ‘Forgot Password’ option on the sign in screen where you will be asked to provide your registered email address. A link will be sent to this registered email address provided by you whereby you can follow the instructions to reset your password and get access to your account again!

22) What would happen if I lost my device?

Your eWards account is connected to your email/facebook account wherein you can login using your login credentials on any device. So even if you lose your device, don’t worry! Your points/stamps as well as your account details will be safe with us on our servers and you may use them when you login again from another device!

For any other assistance you may write to us at and we shall revert to your queries within 48 hours.




1) What is eWards?

eWards is a loyalty program management software for businesses. If you’ve been looking for a way to better understand and connect with your customers, your search can end here – our software helps you to collect actionable customer data through various channels, beneficial for nurturing profitable customer relationships. Say hello to higher customer frequency, increased revenue per visit, and a direct mobile channel to your customers, complete with ease of operation and protection of brand equity.

2) How is eWards different from other Advertisement/Marketing Tools?

eWards is a one stop solution for all your marketing efforts, be it, retaining new customers or acquiring old ones. First and foremost, eWards is a loyalty program management application. You can define your own loyalty program and simply use our platform to run it. This way it is efficient and cost effective compared to traditional loyalty programs that use physical cards. Secondly, you can publish offers and reach out to a large audience of your choice (a particular age group, individuals from a particular region, etc.). Our application will have users from all over the country and you can run campaigns and promotions on our platform in order to attract them.

3) What advantage will I have if I choose eWards over other softwares?

eWards is a one of a kind loyalty program management platform in India. Unlike other Advertisement/Marketing softwares which might be useful for a smaller edge in marketing, eWards’ technology gives you the marketing exposure, data, analytics, avenue for future action, and time savings that other free software and apps cannot provide. eWards is an all-in-one solution for business owners and marketers to achieve customer acquisition and customer retention, obtain actionable customer feedback and satisfaction scores, and net increase in revenue more effectively. So the outlets who sign on to eWards will definitely have an edge over those who don’t.

4) How do I sign onto the eWards Platform?

You may write to us at and we will get back to you within 48hours. We will fix an appointment to meet you and our valued executives will help you understand the application and its benefits and how you could use it to expand and grow your business.

5) Do I have to pay something to sign up with eWards?

Initially as a part of the introductory offer, you can subscribe to our packages at 80-90% discounted rates! Just write to us at and we will get back to you at the earliest.

6) Is it going to be very time consuming and tedious for me to manage the loyalty program?

At eWards, we try our best to make loyalty management a pleasing and fruitful experience for you. Our application and backend systems make it easy to reach out and communicate with your customers. However, if you still want to outsource your loyalty program management completely, we have a solution for that as well. You may contact us at for any further details.

7) What if I’m already running a loyalty program?

It doesn’t matter. If you want you can easily shift all your existing loyal customers to our platform and award them equivalent points/stamps which they already hold. All you would have to do is ask your customers to download our App and subscribe to your loyalty card! It’s that simple! Then you can define your own loyalty structure and gratify them as you may please!

8) What if I only want to run campaigns/promotions on the platform?

Yes you can do that. You will need to contact us and share all the details. Our large and diverse user base provides a perfect opportunity to run customised campaigns or push advertisements.

9) Is my database secure?

Your customer database is completely safe on the eWards platform as it is hosted on one of the most trusted Web servers – Amazon Web services (AWS). All your data is safely backed up on the cloud so it is completely hardware independent and 100% secure!

For any other queries please write to us at

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