Personalise marketing campaigns with our Automated Customer Experience Software-ACE

Customer experience has taken a complete turn in today’s era. Modern technologies have given us the power to adopt new ways to improve and personalize our customer’s experience.

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Ways in which AI will impact the future of Businesses

In today’s dynamic and competitive market, business intelligence is a unique technology that enables companies to improve customer experience, make optimal business decisions and offer more personalized services. It simplifies and hastens the process of getting crucial insights for a business user and facilitates the server management and administration. Visualize your business metrics in plain language or use machine learning for forecasting without prior data science experience. Prism’s powerful, out-of-the-box features makes it easy for anyone to discover hidden trends and outliers, identify key business drivers, and perform powerful what-if analysis and forecasting with no technical expertise or ML experience needed.

The era of Personalised Marketing: Treating every consumer differently!

33% of your consumers can forget your brand if you do not personalise their experience. Hence, you will need to employ different strategies to call back these two types of customers to your store. That is where automated Recency, Frequency and Monetary (RFM) analysis of your customers come into play where the system will segment each customer, automatically right after their visit to your store. So, if you’re looking to maximize your Returns on Marketing Campaigns, drive more customers to your store, increase their Lifetime Value and enhance their experience with your brand, you should look at an Automated Customer Engagement engine that will help you to achieve these objectives.

The Face of Change: Data Driven Organization

When one talk about creating a data- driven organization, data is the one that becomes the driver. As it is said, modern problems require modern solutions. With the advent of new technology, almost everything is shifting to a virtual platform from a physical one. Retailers and restaurants shifted from in-person to digital to hybrid. To have a significant edge over your competitors, data enables a greater self-service analytics and insights. Furthermore, having the right analytic tools would not give desired results until those working with it are familiarized with it.

More the Branding, Higher the Demand

Name and fame for a brand is of utmost importance. Here at eWards we give our clients the chance to promote their brand not only to the existing customers but also the potential customer via Omni channel communication touch points. Branding campaign enables making the customers aware about the brand as brand recall, about launching a new product line, or service, even about launching a new store or just updating/promoting in-house offers to the customers.

Smart Retail Marketing: Playing with a consumers’ Needs and Preferences!

Do generic campaigns enhance an individual consumer’s experience with Your Brand? 40% of consumers purchase more from retailers that provide a personalised shopping experience across channels! But, imagine an ecosphere where you can implement this on a real-time basis, make people aware of their purchases, target them on the basis of their interests, run desirable offers on these products and drive them to take an action by making them purchase these products. This is possible with ACE, eWards advanced CRM suite.

The 5 Key Metrics to incorporate in your Pitch Deck!

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step!” While the path to your investment might be colossal, the littlest of effort to get things started will be working on an impressive pitch deck. How would you do that? It revolves around having a business with a mighty idea, and providing the right statistics to back the idea. So, how will you present these statistics on your pitch deck?

Customer Recall: Paving the way towards brand loyalty

Customer is the king! In today’s era holding onto your current customers is as important as drawing potential customers towards your brand. Recent studies have found out that a large chunk, i.e. around 70–75% of any business’s revenue is generated by its current customer base. Therefore retention of those customers would be one of the prime concerns of any business. Create pathways to an unforgettable business experience with eWards and build a strong base of loyal customers.

Lifecycle Marketing 101: Keeping Customers Engaged as Lifetime Advocates

We are in an era where “customers’ needs and wants” runs the world of business, making the businesses work harder to earn their loyalty and fulfil their demands at the same time. In today’s cut-throat competition, you need a well-crafted strategy to establish and manage customer relationships. Marketing Strategies is a necessity for every brand as it largely increase the odds of a customer visiting again and making a repeat purchase. To boost your lifecycle Marketing, all you have to do is follow the steps and make every customer on your doorstep feel special.

Converting Customers into Lifetime Brand Advocates using Efficient Campaigns

Customers are an integral part of any and all businesses. The best possible way to successfully run a business is to provide a greater and enhanced customer experience, one that makes their time memorable and one that can make them loyal to your brand.

Customer Feedback Software : "The Path to Continuous Improvement"

For businesses, devising new and automated methods of collecting feedback is as important as delivering results on them. To remain on the top of their sectors, businesses have to take the catchphrase “continuous improvement” to the next level, deliberately asking the customers to provide their feedback. It ultimately helps businesses assess their weakness and strong selling points.

How does Predictive Analytics benefit the Retail Industry?

One of the fastest-growing industries in today’s advancing world is the retail sector. It is one of the most happening sectors that has an unwavering buzz of customer data, which is a very important factor in making your business successful while also establishing a strong accord with your customers.

How does a White label Solution Benefit a Multi-Franchise Business?

E-commerce has transformed the way of conducting business in India. Despite depressed consumer spending, economic slowdown and uncertainty created due to Covid-19, it has shown strong business growth with new customers joining every day. With a turnover of $50 Billion in 2020, India’s e-commerce market continues to grow at a humongous rate, making it the fastest-growing sector to date.

Cloud Vs Hardware-based Business Intelligence Tool

Cloud computing is a method of delivering services over the internet quickly and with utmost accuracy. Combined with a Business Intelligence, a cloud-based system provides businesses with a lot of advantages compared to a hardware-based BI

The Future of CRM: What should Businesses expect?

CRM Software is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world. Businesses all over the world are adopting the software in a widespread manner, from small businesses to global organisations. A CRM is known to increase customer retention rates by a minimum of 27% resulting in higher profits after each use.

How can Marketing Automation Generate sales-ready Leads?

Automating repetitive tasks and workflows involved in marketing campaigns regularly is what we call marketing automation. It is a technological advancement that empowers your sales team with the correct leads, making their lives easier.

Why is SaaS dominating the Software Industry?

More and more businesses have switched to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). It has a huge contribution in making businesses over the world progressive in their approach, helping them in getting an enormous customer base, sales and profitability.

Five Reasons To Adopt a Business Intelligence Software

The customers build immunity against any brand that does not directly target them or values them as an individual. The only way to attract customers, sales and profits are by data and research combined with hyper-personalised campaigns that reach out to prospects with the correct message.

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